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Our promise as professional licensed asbestos removal contractors is to deliver robust practical solutions that are cost effective and meet our clients high quality expectations.

Renovating Commercial and Domestic Building Services
Delivering bespoke construction trade services throughout the UK, our construction management team tailor each project to meet our clients individual needs, to ensure the finished project delivers on cost, quality and client satisfaction.

Looking for a quality and affordable asbestos removal service?

Pinnacle Enviroserve Ltd, are a multi-disciplined company who specialise in Asbestos Removal, Reinstatement and Construction within the Educational, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic sectors in the South East of the UK which may arise Pre or Post Asbestos Removal.

We are a family run company, driven by dedicated Asbestos and Construction professionals, this ‘family factor’ enables us to offer a truly personal service to our customers, something often lacking in bigger organisations.

Since 2014, we have consistently been awarded a Licence to work with asbestos by the Health & Safety Executive. On 26th March 2018 following a successful licence review we were granted the maximum term of a 3-year licence, we also hold valid accreditations for CHAS, Constructionline, are licenced with the Environment Agency for the carriage of waste, and are independently audited by a third party for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 (formally OHSAS 18001) due to our exceptional standards of occupational health and safety management.

Health & Safety at work is paramount in all sectors, therefore to assist us in meeting our legal and mandatory obligations we employ The Health & Safety People (THSP) as our consultants, who ensure we are updated with current and new legislation in the industry.

It is our ultimate aim to provide each of our clients with a value for money project, we also provide alternative options of an open book policy on any joint venture projects. Health & Safety in the work place is essential and compromises to be able to effect costs are not always attainable, however, should there be an opportunity to make a financial saving on any of the works that we undertake then our invoice may be reduced to reflect the works undertaken.

Should you like to become one of our ever-growing client list, then we can assure you of our staff’s professionalism, commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, indeed, a decision that you will not regret. Our previous feedback via many testimonials have also noted “customer confidence” and their “peace of mind”.

Should you require any further help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Asbestos Licensed

We have recently been awarded a 3 year asbestos license from the UK HSE following a very successful period in the Asbestos Division. Working closely with each of our client’s enables us to produce a tailored plan to meet their asbestos maintenance requirements, ensuring compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The structure of our systems and processes aid us to provide a high standard and uniform quality of service.

Construction & Reinstatement:

Pinnacle Construction deliver a wide range of asbestos removal and reinstatement services. With the growing demand for transparency of prices and the need to achieve value for money, we are committed to delivering high quality reinstatement works with complete transparency.

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15 minutes off the M25

We offer this service as well as many others including soft stripping, encapsulation and reinstatement to our domestic and commercial customers in Essex. All these services can be carried out by ourselves instead of hiring different companies to come out and do it for you.

We have project managers that can come in and can manage the job from start to finish ensuring you get a first class service.

If we remove any asbestos from your premises or your home then we can offer you our reinstatement service to replace anything that we had to remove. If you have any asbestos lying around your property then we can take it away.

You can see a list of services that we provide on our service Page. Please take a look and contact us if you would like any more information.

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous building materials. It is known to damage health and contact with it kills over two and a half thousand people in the UK every year. You could be inadvertently putting lives at risk if you are not aware of the strict regulations regarding its removal and disposal.

A ban on its use in construction came into force in November 1999, which is only twenty years ago, so a large number of buildings; homes, factories, public buildings etc. contain materials which have been made using asbestos.

The danger comes from inhaling the particles which cannot be exhaled from the lungs and can cause a fatal disease called mesothelioma. It can take years to develop in the body, without you knowing, and once established is terminal, with no cure possible. It is from diagnosis to death in around a year, which is a terrible prospect, when this can be avoided.

Asbestos was popular for detached garages and garden sheds in the mid 20th century, which were made from panels of it and you may well have seen that many homes still have these in situ. If you have a home built before around 1980 you could have it in your floor tiles, ceiling tiles, ducts, pipes and in insulation around your boiler. Even your Artex ceiling could contain its fibres.

Home improvement is a hugely popular pastime as people love to add value by modernising their homes, having the latest style of bathroom and kitchen adds value to your property and installing a new boiler is necessary after a few years. The danger in ripping out almost anything in your home is that it could be either made of asbestos or contain asbestos fibres. These can form a cloud when broken up, which when breathed in can sow the seed of this terrible, always fatal, disease. Please consult us first before you consider doing anything that might cause these dangerous fibres to contaminate your home or business premises.

Our company is family owned and fully professional and therefore we are able to give a personalised service for the residents of Essex and of the South East of England to ensure that all asbestos is removed in compliance with the regulations. We do not sub-contract so that you can be assured that we will be in charge of your enterprise from beginning to end and guaranteeing a top quality service.

It may be that you are renovating your business. Asbestos can be found in offices and public buildings including schools, libraries and hospitals. Hospitals, for example, have extensive boiler rooms which traditionally had asbestos insulation. In fact, most buildings, apart from recently built, will have some form of asbestos, often where you don’t expect to find it as little thought was given to the dangers from this toxic mineral.

There is a legal presumption that any commercial building built before the year 2000 contains asbestos, which makes it imperative that everything that is reasonably practicable, must be done to establish whether asbestos is present which is by a survey carried out by our highly qualified team who will report the locations of any found back to us and to you. We will check any documentation that you have and carry out an inspection inside and out, as far as is possible. This will include any yards, sheds, garages, outbuildings, underfloor areas, ducts, corridors, ceiling voids, runs of pipes and storerooms.

In domestic premises, we would need to examine lifts, lift shafts, staircases, roof spaces, foyers, gardens, yards, outbuildings and garages.

The only way to ensure your, your employees’ or the service users’ protection from this danger is to employ a company that specialises in its safe removal. You will need a business that has been granted an asbestos licence from the UK Health and Safety Executive. We have extensive experience in this field and also provide a waste collection service.

We can project manage so that the asbestos in your premises, home or garage can be assessed. A survey must be done and a plan made for its removal or encapsulation. We will carry out your soft stripping if you need everything cleared. We will make good by replacing anything that we have had to remove. All our project managers have undergone DBS checks so that you can be confident that they are suitable to work in any environment where they come into contact with vulnerable people.

We also offer you a full CDM service that complies with CDM regulations 2015 that plans the works so that the risks involved are managed from start to finish with a designer and a principal contractor and provide a Health and Safety File on completion.

You are most welcome to check on the qualifications of our surveyors and their competence and ask for copies of their written procedures, including their quality control and evidence of similar work they have carried out, which will give you peace of mind.

It is important to use only an accredited company like ours because if you employ one that does not have the correct certification, you could be liable to be prosecuted and some people have had fines of six-figure sums.

What is important to our clients is, as well as our safety practices is clear pricing for each job. We have a reasonably priced tariff and believe that transparency is essential in our good relationship with our customers.

Before you begin any work on your domestic or business premises built before the start of the 21st century, call us. We are here to give you the guidance that you need. Why risk your health or that of anyone you will be employing to carry out the work? We provide an inexpensive option to safeguard you all and if you do have some, we will safely dispose of it for you. You can’t just take it to the local tip.

Let’s keep Essex an asbestos safe zone.


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Importance of getting asbestos removed from your home

One of the asbestos services we provide is waste collection

Before any asbestos is remove from a property an asbestos survey must be carried out

Sometimes is is not always possible or necessary to remove asbestos

We have found it in many garages and sheds that were built many years ago

Soft stripping is when a building is stripped of all the fixture and fittings


Please contact us for more information about this service

Any job that involves removing asbestos of any other materials is going to need an environmental clean-up

Our project managers are DSB checked and have many years of experience in this field