Environmental Clean


Any job that involves removing asbestos of any other materials is going to need an environmental clean-up. That’s where we can help. The team at Pinnacle Enviroserve Ltd can come in and clean your property with specialist equipment and chemicals. We all have the experience needed to complete this work to the highest of standards decontaminating the area so it is safe for private or public use.

Our experienced team have the necessary clothing and use certain techniques to ensure that no fibres are missed while we carry out this service. It is really important that your hire the professionals to do this and we would love to help. We can offer you a first class at a reasonable price.

We have the equipment to remove friable debris and non-adhered dust from any type of buildings. We will protect the area around the place we are cleaning so we do not disturb the members of the public or yourselves while we are working. This service is really important if you have had any asbestos removed. There will be many fibres that have escaped so our environmental clean-up will ensure that we have got these.

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