Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have just found asbestos in my home, should I be worried about this?

A. The only time you have to be worried is when the asbestos has been released into the air. If it has been then we can either come and remove it or treat it so that it can stay where it is without it causing you any problems. If you would like us to assess the situation then please contact us today.

Q. Are you a fully licenced company that can remove asbestos?

A. Yes we are a fully licenced asbestos removal company that offer many services from removal to reinstatement. We hold a HSE licence which all companies must have that specialise in these services.

Q. Why would I have to have a survey carried out?

A. The survey is carried out to give you and us an idea on how bad the asbestos is. It is also done to prevent workmen and the people that are around the property all the time exposing themselves to the affected areas. If they are aware it is there, they can protect themselves by not going near it until it has been dealt with. We also carry out a survey when a building is being demolished. We need to know if asbestos is present before anything can be done to the building.

Q. How much will it cost to remove asbestos from my garage?

A. This really all depends on how much there is. We would need to come round and inspect your garage first then we can give you a free no obligation quote on how much it would be to remove it. It may just be a case of us treating it instead of removing it which will be a cheaper option.

Q. Will I have to close my business if asbestos is found?

A. No not always. It may be somewhere that will not affect the public but the only way we will know this is to come and assess your property. We can then discuss your options and what you will have to do to make it safe.

Q. What happens once the asbestos has been removed?

A. We can offer you our reinstatement services which means that we will replace whatever we have removed to get to the asbestos. This could be a wall, door frames or may be some roof tiles.

Q. I have a building that needs demolishing, is this something you can help me with?

A. Yes this is something we can help you with. We can remove all the fittings and fixtures that have been left inside the building before it is dismantled. If there are any furnishings then these will be removed too leaving you with just a shell that can then be demolished. We can dispose of all the materials and the fixtures and fittings for you at a recycling plant if this is something you would like us to do.

Q. I have some materials that contain asbestos, how can I dispose of this?

A. Well we can help you by disposing it for you. We have the appropriate clothing, tools and transport to clear up any materials such as rubble, dust, building materials, sheets of cement and anything else that has come into contact with asbestos. We will then place all these in suitable packaging, noting that it contains asbestos so that none of the fibres can be released into the air. We will then dispose of this at a licenced disposable site.

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