It is quite normal to be worried about asbestos when it is found on your premises. The first thing you shouldn’t do is to try and remove it yourself. You should contact us at Pinnacle Enviroserve Ltd as we specialise in all kinds of asbestos services including asbestos removal. It is only when it is released in to air that it can cause problems and may need urgent attention. If the asbestos hasn’t been interfered with then it should not cause any problems. This is when we can offer you our Encapsulation service. This is where we treat the affected area instead of removing it.

Asbestos Removal


Many years ago asbestos was used in a number of building materials because of its incombustibility and because it was great for insulating houses, garages, offices and buildings.

Waste Collection


One of the asbestos services we provide is Waste collection. We can offer this service 7 days a week and can dispose of all types of hazardous waste including asbestos.

Asbestos Surveys


Before any asbestos is removed from a property an asbestos survey must be carried out. This is to ensure that our customer knows the extent of the problems, where the asbestos is allocated and what course of



Sometimes it is not always possible or necessary to remove asbestos as it can remain safe if the fibres are not released into the air. The one way in which we can make sure that it is not disturbed is to use our asbestos encapsulation services.



Once Pinnacle Enviroserve Ltd come in and remove the asbestos that has been found on your property, it is considered whether we will need to replace the items we have removed with whatever was there before. This could be part of a roof that was removed because

Soft Strip


Soft stripping is when a building is stripped of all the fixture and fittings and any asbestos that is found so it is ready to be demolished. This includes the doors, windows, ceilings, kitchens and bathrooms leaving just a steel frame.



If you live in the Essex area and would like us to come and assess your property to see what we can do for you, then please feel free to contact us.

Environmental Clean


Any job that involves removing asbestos of any other materials is going to need an environmental clean-up. That’s where we can help. The team at Pinnacle Enviroserve Ltd can come in and clean your property with specialist equipment and chemicals.

Project Management


If you are looking for a company that can manage your asbestos project, taking away the stress and worry from yourself then Pinnacle Enviroserve Ltd are the perfect company to contact. We can guarantee that our experienced team complies with the legislations

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