Sometimes it is not always possible or necessary to remove asbestos as it can remain safe if the fibres are not released into the air. The one way in which we can make sure that it is not disturbed is to use our asbestos encapsulation services. Encapsulation is a technique we use by spraying a resin coating in layers onto the affected areas. This coating will stop the asbestos from cracking, breaking and will protect it from degrading. It will stop the fibres from escaping so will help to protect anyone that comes into contact with it after this service has been carried out.

This can be an alternative solution that is safe and does not cost as much as actually removing all the asbestos from a building especially a building that only needs a few repairs. A huge advantage to encapsulating asbestos is that you do not have to evacuate your property to have this work carried out unlike when you have the asbestos removed, this may have to happen.

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